About Us

BWT (Bhaarat Welfare Trust) India Aid works with charities all over India to help the less fortunate. Our vision is to work towards the eradication of poverty by ensuring the opportunity of education for all and by providing basic amenities for those in need. We strive towards a world of charity and compassion, which allows every individual justice, self-reliance and human development.

We are a Registered British Charity since 1998 (Reg No. 1077821) and work with several charities in India & UK to help those who cannot help themselves. We run our work without any admission fees.

We are driven by the belief that everyone can make a difference. Together, as a team, we can bring change by sharing what we have with those in need. We strive to bring dramatic changes in the lives of the poor of India.

Our mission is to provide a medium to effectively channel funds by offering donors a choice of causes to support in India.

We never give in to those who think that big changes are impossible. We are committed to being completely honest and ethical and our donors are always kept informed about where their money goes, and the difference that their donations are making.

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