Thousands of Children have been orphaned due to communal riots.


At BWT, our mission is to provide a medium to effectively channel funds by offering donors a choice of causes to support in India. To this end, donors are able to support a cause that is close to their heart and are able to keep track of where their donations are being used. There is a lot of power and joy in knowing that you can positively impact someone’s life and with this model at BWT, you can decide for yourself where you would like to make your donations. Read more about some of our most significant campaigns in the following sections.

In villages in India, rearing a cow is one of the most common sights. Almost every house in a village keeps a cow and it is considered one of the most useful of all domestic beasts. Eating only grass, which costs next to nothing to produce, the cow in turn produces milk, which provides nearly all the nutrients we need and manure, that is invaluable to a community dependent on agriculture.

India Aid raises funds for NGOs working towards the over-all welfare of cows in villages around India.

Education has the power to transform the world. It is a means to escape poverty and that's why India Aid tries to give as many unfortunate children as possible the chance to gain knowledge and skills in order to improve their lives. We do this in the hope that these children, in turn, will one day be able to provide better lives to their children. Unfortunately, there are too many children today who do not see the insides of a classroom. There are many, who drop out of school because their families simply cannot afford to send them to school. Where there are Government schools and free education, families find themselves in situations where a child working at minimum wage makes more sense than to have him/her in school, earning nothing.

Complex though the issues are, Indian Aid works with several NGOs around India who are trying to help more and more children to go to school and receive at least a primary education. There are also many such organisations that aim to improve the quality of education in terms of teacher training we well as overcrowding of schools and classrooms.

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now." Not only do trees have aesthetic value but also do so much for the environment. They absorb carbon, provide shade, act as nature's air conditioners and help reduce the impact of climate change.

India Aid plants trees all over India that suits the climatic conditions of the region such as mango, coconut, and lemon trees.

Need a beautiful way to commemorate a special day? This year, on your birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, for your graduation, birth of a baby, etc. maybe you could plant a tree and help maintain our beautiful ecosystem!

India often struggles to provide basic health services to every member of it’s massive, and growing, population. It is estimated that 45 children die every hour due to respiratory infections, 1 child dies every 2 minutes due to diarrhoea and annually, about 2 million children die from completely preventable diseases!

In such a situation, India Aid considers it of utmost importance to take the initiative to provide healthcare services wherever possible.

Customised health camps are organised across the country offering comprehensive healthcare services to a large number people in selected intervention areas.

Multi disciplinary projects include:
- Gynaecological services
- Paediatric services
- Ophthalmology services
- Surgical services

Duration of these camps vary between 1 to 15 days with frequencies ranging from a month to a year.

India continues to fight several battles related to Women’s Empowerment. In under-educated, poorer parts of India, the life of a widow is hard and unfair. Clinging on to archaic traditions, society casts them aside, condemning them to a life of grief, mourning and isolation. Most widows are abandoned by their families, and are very often children, or young women who could have their whole lives ahead of them. India Aid seeks at helping these women by providing them with midday meals, medical camps, clothes, and training for possible employment.

Poverty is one of India's greatest battles. Nearly one-third of children in India, aged less than five, lose their lives because they don’t get the food they need. Several more live lives of hunger and malnutrition. Our world has enough for everyone. No one needs to go hungry and at India Aid, we strive to make food available to as many of the needy as we can.

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