Success Stories

Here we would like to share with you the stories and experiences or some of the beneficiaries of the work of BWT. We hope that it will provide a glimpse into the joy and satisfaction that comes with changing lives.

India Aid has created programs that teach people specific skills that are required for a job.

Shanti was one of the beneficiaries of such a program. With three children to care for and very little help from her former husband, she did not have enough money to provide for her whole family.

India Aid was actively working in her area. A tailoring course was initiated in the local community with the aim of helping the local people to make a living. Shanti attended these courses and soon acquired the skill to produce and sell her own clothing. She even invested in a sewing machine after successfully completing the 6-week long course.

Today, she says:
"Training has changed my life. I was really happy to be given the opportunity. I wanted to take responsibility of my own family. I feel that every woman should do the same if she wants to support her family."

Shanti now receives regular clothing orders and earns a stable income to provide for her three children.

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