What We Do

Today India Aid is one of the most successful charities in the UK. In partnership with over 180 NGO’s across India, thousands of children have been educated and millions of mid-day meals for schools have been sponsored. Funds are raised for medical camps, cancer hospitals, and cataract operations. Funds are being raised to help support widows, orphans, the hungry and homeless.

The India Aid office has expanded from one unstoppable man to a thriving team of dedicated and committed staff who work around the clock on a mission to bring people together to share with those that have less than they should!

India Aid strives to help those who cannot afford basic amenities. This is done through our connection with local charities in India. Our programs aim at different kinds of needs that span across gender-related issues, providing education, food and medical assistance. With the help of our partners we ensure that 100% of the donations reach those who need it. We do not charge any administration fee.

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